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  • Anonymous: no offense but you should really wax your eye brows...

    hiii you, look I am happy with the way I look, but thanks to people like you and my family who don’t like me for what I look like, I did fix my eyebrows. now whoever you are, show your face, let me see if you’re perfect, otherwise don’t call out my flaws, until then bye bye :)

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    whatever man.

    • parents ask me: "would you rather go to churchill or to college park?"
    • me: "i don't care, I just want to get it over with."
    • parents: "we thought you really wanted to go to churchill?"
    • me: "I did, but it's been way too long and now I just don't care"

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    i cried, they did nothing. they cry, they make me feel like the worst person alive.

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    i was crying next to my mom in the car, trying not to make any noise, sitting there thinkin how could they not see their words hurt me.

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    "no matter how bad you’re situation is right now, remember there’s someone else out there in the same position or an even worst one…just remember to be strong"

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    my advice blog. suicidal? check it out before you make a decision that will literally end your life.

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    i once told someone “don’t ever be afraid of showing your emotions” & i live by that quote, but i’m afraid that my emotions, push people away from me. i just want to be me and for someone to accept me for who i am.

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    im not happy with how people treat me& the only thing that keeps me from not cutting myself..starving myself..or harming myself in any way is that i know i AM BEAUTIFUL & i am worth it even if i am depressed and dont feel accepted even by my own family…yes life is hard but i can get through it & i have temptations to do things like everyone else, but i will never smoke, i will stay a virgin& i will be strong. i’ll stay strong.

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    wish you would understand that my life is 10x harder than yours just because of one TINY thing.

    no one seems to understand what I’m going through, I know I’m not the only one with this problem or problems for that matter, but I just want someone to understand what I’m going through and for no one to use it against me. my family doesn’t understand and I know that only a few of my friends actually care about how this affects me. it’s something most people believe to be unacceptable, but to me it is a DREAM, and I am not ready to let go of it. I wish I had someone to count on with this, but yet again no one is here for me like I am always here for everyone…

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    The things I feel

    Can’t be explained

    I wish I could heal

    But they haven’t helped

    I’m slowly dying

    In front of their eyes

    I keep wishing

    For their desires

    The will to live

    Is no longer here

    I want to leave

    And never be near

    My family

    They won’t care


    Sadness is rare

    When I’m gone

    Missing me

    That option is drawn

    Without me

    Happily they will live

    Diana Orozco 

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    My Love Is

    my love is unconditional and never ending. it doesnt have an expiration date for it never expires, you cant buy it for its not something you can buy but earn instead, and no matter what you do to it, it will always be there, invisible when you dont want it but always there, waiting with open arms to tell you it will be alright, to make you happy, and to give you comfort, my love is yours.

    Written by Diana Orozco

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    "Once you give someone your heart, your love and yourself. You can never forget them no matter how hard you try! My heart is yours& only yours, I love you and I never want to forget you, even if you wanna forget& stop loving me."
    Diana Orozco

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    my problem.

    its always about you,
    you break me down,
    then build me up.
    rip my heart with one word,
    tape it back together with another,
    difficult to love,
    and difficult to hate,
    so easy for you to say
    so hard for you to do
    promises you made
    theyre never fulfilled
    why do I still love you
    heck I have no idea
    you’re mine
    all mine
    well atleast in my mind
    you’re all I ever wanted
    but you’re not exactly the way I want you
    you never called
    you never cared
    you never seemed to love me enough
    I gave you my heart
    and you left it on the side
    for it to slowly die
    lonely in a corner
    slow and painful death
    that you were unaware of
    you didn’t do anything wrong 
    that was always the problem you never did anything to prove you cared
    to prove your love
    but I know you care 
    and I know at some point you did love me
    but I loved you more than neccesary
    so now my heart will take the price of my mistakes
    loving you too much 
    girls love you
    but no girl could ever love you as much as I do
    no girl would go across the world to find you
    but I would
    no girl would ever wait for you
    but I would
    no girl would stand so much pain and still love you after all
    but I do
    I love you
    I always did
    and I will always love you
    cause you have my heart and that’s all I have to say

    written by diana orozco

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